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Checks & Security Printing

Corporate communications come in all shapes and sizes. Whether printed or electronic,  Omega's diverse and specialized products offer enhanced productivity and cost efficiency.

Printed Products
Documents such as stationery, forms, envelopes and brochures commonly used to support operations and/or marketing objectives. However, for optimal quality and costing they each are best manufactured on specialized equipment available from Omega. 

Thermal Labels, EDP Pressure Sensitive Labels, Product Labels, Asset Labels

Omega identify your performance needs assuring of product effectiveness and efficient cost of use.

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ID & Phone Cards
ID Cards may be made in many different configurations based upon your needs.

We make phone cards simple, offering you standard and custom shapes complete with phone time.

Promotional Products
Used to promote your company for a variety of purposes; Loyalty Campaigns, Employee Pride Gifts, Sales Solicitation Packages.
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Checks & Security Printing
Checks, Point of Sale Receipts, Gift Certificates, Power's of Attorney, Bond  Forms.

Virtually any document that has a face value or worth is vulnerable to counterfeit or fraud. Omega techniques for layering overt  and covert deterrent features satisfy a businesses need to perform due diligence. Our techniques may save you money you never knew you were losing. 

  [Product Image] Envelopes
Hundreds of envelope sizes including the most popular commercial sizes

Open End (Catalog) and Open Side (Booklet) envelopes - White Wove and Brown Kraft



Thermal Printers, Point of Sale Hardware, Scanners and Mailing Equipment. Name brand selection of equipment and On-Site and Depot Maintenance Programs.

Digitally Printed Products
The digital revolution has been called the "Great Equalizer". Digital printing techniques, when applied creatively, let organizations economically pursue exciting new strategies previously available only to those with very large budgets. 
  Electronic Documents
E-forms, I-forms and PDF's... Do these mean anything to you? They should, these technologies allow you to work smarter, enhance effectiveness and improve  response time.

Ribbons, Toner and Diskettes are all products used to support an operational function that require similar support.
E-Commerce Products
E-Commerce is changing the way business is done. Omega has products that promote your site, build recognition and bring customers and profits to you.

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