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Digital Printing 

Eliminates the costly pre-print production processes associated with traditional printing.

Target each piece with specific relevant information from your database.

Look What You May Do with Digital Printing...
Test marketing
Add Color for Impact

Produce What you Need When you Need it
Avoid Obsolescence
Small Production Runs may be Produced Economically
Individual Pieces may be Uniquely Personalized
Virtual Inventory


Production in BLACK only,
or FULL COLOR may be made directly
from your graphic files or databases.

Digital Presses/Printing Equipment

DocuTech 6180 Publisher DocuColor 70 Digital Press

The "Great Equalizer"

The digital revolution has been called the "Great Equalizer". Digital printing techniques let organizations economically pursue exciting new strategies - previously available only to those with very large budgets.

Small Production Runs may be Produced Economically

Without this expense, and with short production flexibility, you may now look at new and existing documents and projects differently.

For example:

Test marketing may be conducted using low cost look-alike digitally printed prototyping.  Pieces economically produced greatly simplify the fine-tuning of literature and minimize your exposure to failure because you may now avoid costly un-tested print-runs, campaigns and  mistakes. CLC 1120
Color(s) may be included for greater impact where previously your budget did  not allow. This allows you to communicate more effectively with a purpose.

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Individual Pieces may be Uniquely Personalized    DocuTech 6180 Publisher
Literature may now be made more dynamic by containing unique content (graphics/charts/data). This uniqueness, or specificity, drives a higher response rate from its audience, as its noticed and judged valuable because its perceived, and is, content rich.

This could be an audience of one or many targeting known interests. Essentially, information may be merged from almost any database. It may be used narrowly to easily and affordably addressing for geographic, demographic and/or vertical market applications. Or, include information pertaining to an individual with specific data. In either case, this variable data may be formatted to fill areas within a graphics file for simultaneous output.

Some examples would be documents such as:

Employee Benefit Packages Insurance Statements
Targeted Sales Literature Direct Mail Addressing

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Virtual Inventory

Digital printing largely avoids the cost and inconvenience of obsolescence that has long plagued businesses. 

Price per Piece Bought
Price per Piece Used

DocuColor 70 Digital Press

Historically consumer's had little choice but to pursue a strategy of  mass-producing printed pieces for per piece bought cost effectiveness. This was largely due to the cost of setting up and running a print job. 

Unfortunately, many types of items are often subject to frequent revision causing them quickly to be outdated. Such as (to name a few)


Technical Manuals
Parts Manuals Software Manuals
Human Resource
Specification Sheets

When produced digitally, there's no need to produce more pieces than actually necessary. Meaning you only make what you require and not a large stock pile. When changes are necessary, digital files may be updated with ease and output for distribution when needed with little expense.

Businesses are noticing that the cost per piece used may actually be a much better measurement of an items value. Although on the surface unit prices may appear higher (in larger quantities) when spoilage and inaccuracy exposure costs are factored the true cost of product soars.

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