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Business Forms
Checks & Security Printing

Labels (for Operations)
Labels (Prime for Products)
Labels (Blank Stock )
Marketing /Sales Literature
Stationery & Envelopes
ID & Phone Cards
for Every Need
Design Services
Warehousing & Logistics
Mailing & Fulfillment
On-Line Capabilities
Company Store
Print Buying
Project Management
Data Mgmt/Re-Purposing
Label & Tag Imprinting
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What Types of Businesses Work with Omega

Did you know in 2007 Omega was the

or developing the
"Best Security Document Design"
presented by Print Solutions Magazine
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safeguard your documents
Checks & Security Printing

Mailing & Fulfillment objectives are always clear.

You need to get
something - someplace - on-time!

From basic warehousing, packaging, and shipping, to complex data list maintenance, OMEGA's set-up to distribute your items, kits and products.

  • Resources to assure prompt and accurate processing.
  • Mailings may be planned and fulfilled economically.
  • Pieces get where you want them faster.

Fulfillment Services

Services to meet your greatest challenge.

Kitting, telemarketing, collating,  assembling, separating, stapling, gluing, bunching, sorting, packing, packaging, and  mailing are just some of the services we offer.
Fixed copy laser printing or variable data output, computer personalization, and delivery and response analysis.
Mailshop Services

Omega provides accurate list processing and sortation for postal rate discounts and flexibility in direct addressing and labeling

The CASS Certification System (Zip+6 postnet bar-coding) and Presort for maximum Postal discounts - feeds the addressing and mailing processes. This ensures speed, accuracy and the lowest possible postal rates.
Rate Qualification
Postal Rates
Mailing Terminology
List Processing reformats data files to required specs
Merge/purge combines lists of data and purges duplicate records
Multiple addressing options include typewritten, laser, pressure-sensitive, cheshire or high-speed ink-jet addressing and bar-code printing.
Lettershop Services

Diverse and sophisticated production  resources and techniques provide for flexibility in handling, version control and overall accuracy

Addressing and Letter Printing
High-resolution two color laser printing
Fold, Stuff, Insert, and Meter
Automated & Hand Collating and Assembly
Automated insertion, folding and bursting
Mail Prep. / Delivery to Post Office
Centrally located near post office hub
USPS paperwork and proof of mailing

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