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Desktop Easy Order (Your Company Store)

What is Desktop Easy Order Desktop Easy Order by Omega
What is E-Commerce What Experts are saying
Desktop Easy Order Features Orientation for Desktop Easy Order

You Get: Speed and Efficiency Place orders as easily as clicking a mouse.

You Get: Better Ordering
Order from your own personalized online catalog, or from your company's own online catalog.
You Get: More Control
Decentralize the ordering process and manage it all from a single interface.
You Get: Lower Costs
Reduce transaction costs, shorten order cycle times, and virtually eliminate errors.
No More Disappearing Faxes No More Telephone Tag
No More Messy Price Books No More Mountains of Paper

24/7 Access to products and services provides the efficiencies of High Tech with the services of High Touch

Convenience / Fun / Efficiency / Lower Costs

What is E-Commerce

Four out of the top five e-business objectives for corporations are focused on the supply chain and the procurement process.

Although e-commerce has only been in existence for a few years, it is quickly becoming a business standard emerging as a key mechanism to help better integrate and solidify these business-to-business arrangements.

More than 90% of surveyed respondents said that e-procurement is part of their on-going business plan.

A surprising 30% have implemented this new capability to some degree.

Online solutions represent the next evolution in transaction management .

What is Desktop Easy Order

An internet based process in which  products are made available for sale, requisition and/or distribution to audiences in a manner that fulfills company objectives.

Omega Business Products provides an e-procurement network designed specifically for you our customer.

  • Designed to place, process, manage, and report on the print and promotional materials procurement

  • Establishing standardization

  • Promoting efficiency and cost reduction 

  • Rapid implementation and speed to market – become e-commerce enabled fast

  • Low cost of entry – no investment in hardware, software, or additional IS resources

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Features of Desktop Easy Order

Visual Product Catalog Warehousing and fulfillment
Online ordering Inventory management
Order capture, reporting Purchasing options
Updated product information Account settlement
Graphics Security
(Verisign, Cybercash)

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The efficiencies of High Tech with the services of High Touch to create....Customized business solutions.

Desktop Easy Order by Omega

View & Create Your Items from your Desktop  Desktop Easy Order from Omega provides an e-commerce solution for printing, promotional products, supplies and services used by a business.
Real Time Convenience without Delay and Paperwork This exciting latest service provided by Omega gives clients 24/7 access to their catalog of products, via our website or directly form theirs, for ordering and distribution. 
Procurement Control
User's of Desktop Easy Order find that the convenient access to information allows them greater flexibility and control. Clients find that using Desktop Easy Order streamlines the time and cost inefficiencies currently involved with obtaining products and services. The result is lower costs and more satisfied users.

Support Standards & Options:

Hosting Maintenance Site enhancement
Vendor selection Custom programming

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What Experts are Saying

“Procurement organizations will need the proper skills to manage relationships instead of paperwork”

“CEO’s understand that value-based procurement strategies can have a direct, measurable impact on business performance”

“More than 70 percent of all value creation potential in a merger or acquisition is directly linked to procurement strategy”

AT Kearney: “The new procurement mandate

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