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What Makes Omega a Unique Business Resource

We have a unique ability to provide you with solutions that allow your print communications, be they promotional or informational, to be more productive and cost effective. We work with both traditional print, web site and multimedia communications from creative design through warehousing, fulfillment, and mailing.

OMEGA  experts will analyze your project, make recommendations (if wanted) and determine the most suitable method of production.

(Print vs. Digital or a hi-bred combination of each)

Of course, sometimes projects require a solution beyond just that of a product. That's when Omega really becomes a valuable resource. See Services

Unique Capabilities

Benefit to You

Not Just Bids. 

Our purpose is to use our broad-based print and communications knowledge to build a more effective product for you, be it a traditional brochure or multimedia presentation.

Single Source

From creative assistance to mailing/fulfillment/warehousing; from traditional print to digital print and multimedia production, we do it all.

Dedicated Customer Service Representative  

Someone at our place watching over your needs, all the time.

People vs. Voice Mail  

Humans who immediately respond to your needs versus making you wait.

Unique Product Offerings

Including:  ID cards, security products, digital printing, and products related to a project’s fulfillment.

Long Term Relationships

We stay with our customers because we offer unique ideas and solutions.


We accept full responsibility for what we do for you and back it up with a commitment and guarantee of your satisfaction.

Responsiveness       We’re there when you need us.
Above all, Solutions  

As the world of communications rapidly changes and becomes digital, we are on the cutting edge of this transformation.

Unlimited specialized production resources (regional and national) deliver value.

Omega's document and business system awareness allows you to consider product features that may significantly improve a products performance in use and investment.

Omega then gets quotes from a number of specialized print facilities. Your project will be produced by the production house best suited to your needs, at a cost that best suits your budget.

Your products are cataloged and their procurement coordinated
to achieve maximum cost reduction.

Omega maintains records on your usage and ordering habits so items may be ordered in sensible economical quantities and groups.

We also conduct user reviews and maintain version control to ensure that what you order will serve its intended purpose.

We may position you with a customized requisitioning, ordering and management reporting. Our goal is to minimize your time and administrative costs by offering you the information you need to efficiently conduct regular business, make decisions and be in control. See Management Reporting and E-Commerce/Client Stores

Finally, we provide with what we honestly feel is the best customer service available.

Omega Customer Service Representatives
oversee and manage regular activities, becoming colleagues and an extension of your staff.



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