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Did you know in 2007 Omega was the

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"Best Security Document Design"
presented by Print Solutions Magazine
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Checks & Security Printing

October 2007, Omega Receives 2007 PEAK Grand Award In the Document Security Category

Using true watermark paper with embedded images, heat sensitive ink, holograms, a proprietary anti-copy background with microscopic text and more, this document,

The PEAK Judges said about Omega's document...

“This document will be difficult to alter. When it comes to document security you have to have overkill and this has it.”

The document the judges refer to is used by a refinery operations inspection firm that certifies the results of it test findings and audits.

Before redesign the firms certificates lacked security features necessary to protect them from alterations. This led to the integrity of the firms reports, and those of their competitors, being questioned by government auditors in regions of South America, where fraudulent reporting due to forgery had become quite prevalent leading to significant financial loss.

The circumstance of fraud was so significant that inspection operations were suspended threatening the firms pullout from a significant marketplace. Omega's redesign allowed the firm to reposition prior to their competition and gain government acceptance leading to business growth and profit.

The award recognizing excellence in printing that improves productivity, sponsored by Print Solutions Magazine, was presented at the Print Services & Distribution Association 2007 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas Nevada on October 18, 2007.

(Pictured left to right)
James M. Riley, CDC (PSDA 2007 President)
Cris Highnote (Manufacturer's Representative)
Rob Montgomery (Omega Business Products, President)


We lived up to our slogan...
Solutions for Enhanced Productivity with Print and Electronic Communications

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