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In the constantly changing world it's important that you choose a partner that will help your printing work for you.

Our goals are to reduce your costs, increase your productivity, streamline your operations and improve your efficiency. There are many ways to reduce your printing costs.

Product Selection & Production
Blanket Orders
Logistics, Warehousing and Distribution
Document and Systems Analysis
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Document Version Control
Project Management
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"Print Buying Document Management Programs" provide a comprehensive approach to managing and controlling all documents in your organization. Cost containment and control is accomplished through the five components of OMEGA's  Document Management Program:

Product Selection & Production Finding the right product 
Finding the right production resource
Blanket Orders Low Known in Advance Pricing based on your total usage needs
Easy on Cash Flow - You pay for product as it is received

Warehousing and Distribution

Over 500,000 square feet of storage space 
Pallet, Full Case and Pick & Pack
Shipments made via all types of common carrier services with package tracking capability. Special needs are our specialty.
Document and Systems Analysis

(Workflow/Paperflow )

Analysis... makes an extensive examination of your overall document-based procedures. OMEGA looks at documents from the perspective of usefulness as an individual tool and overall information flow. Preprinted and electronic forms are integrated based on extensive consideration of your particular needs.
Document Version Control Revisions may convey information that influences policy and legality, making the management of changes essential.
Mapping changes between documents (Printed and Electronic)
Archival of previous versions
Project Management Specialized expertise on-demand. Allows our clients to quickly react promptly to an opportunity or event without hesitation or a period of learning.
Key resources are not tied up on non-essential tasks
Costs are contained and timeframe objectives met.
Management Reporting and Control Infrastructure, Procurement and Accounting Control and Controls

Omega’s goal is to be an active partner in helping you improve operations and service to your customers. activity in printing and technology keeps us informed of advancements that may help you. Put our investment to work for you - save time, save money.

We will assist you in effectively managing the forms and documents required in your organization.

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