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Why Choose Omega

OMEGA makes the world of print and electronic communications easy, doing as much or as little as you require. If you wish we may handle every aspect of the process.

Everything from conception, artwork, design, web development, printing, finishing, fulfillment, and distribution.

Our promise is simple: If you've got a printing project, we can do it. Whether it's envelopes, labels, computer forms, checks, miscellaneous business forms, brochures or commercial printing projects. And we're particularly adept at handling those complex or deadline-pressing projects that other companies have difficulty with.

Printing plus Productivity Enhancements

However, we are not like most printers, who sell printing. We provide printing plus productivity enhancements of your print. Basic features of our company include:

  • A dedication to providing you with ideas on making the dollars you invest in your print and electronic communications most effective.

  • A promise to make our commitments to you, guaranteed.

  • Providing you not only our craftspeople with an eye for perfection, but assisting you wherever you want in the entire process from creative to print to mail/fulfillment, to database management, and multimedia and internet outputs.

  • Human interaction versus voice mail; immediate replies to your questions.
  • Owners and employees who are deeply involved in our company, who realize your importance and have a passion to satisfy your needs.
  • Ability to address all or select client print needs.

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