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Distribution Companies (Wholesale, Retail & Chemical)

Distribution companies, especially experiencing High-Growth, are constantly burdened with the challenge of meeting their customers expectations of speed and low price while controlling the significant costs associated with such an operation.

Many of our earliest and largest clients fit into this category.
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Product Integrity

On an as needed basis (again reducing client overhead costs) Omega experts assist in the development and review of document systems needed to drive a shipment. The necessity of this is critical, as a document shortcoming may quietly and/or without warning have an immediate negative impact on costs.

A Label Problem may quietly and/or without warning
become a Supply Chains Weakest Link

For example: Label and ribbon selection is the most often overlooked decision in a bar code system. Labels peeling off, scanners unable to make good reads without several retries, or having a label that scratches or smears too easily are all concerns that reduce efficiency.

Loss of efficiency immediately costs time and labor dollars. Fortunately, this does not have to be the case as they may be completely prevented or remedied.

Omega experts understand that a ribbon and/or labels need to be suited to the environment and duration (life expectancy) of the label. Temperature, humidity, light, abrasion, chemicals, aging, etc. will all affect the readability of the label.

Once an appropriate matched combination has been determined, Omega guarantees its specification integrity and effectiveness 100%

Supply Continuity

Omega also understands that distribution (especially high-volume distribution) has special document inventory needs, which require responsible control. However, staff burdens and labor costs often make this task difficult for internal resources to monitor with discipline.

Nothing could be worse than to experience a halt in operations due to running out of something as basic a label or ribbon. But, unfortunately it happens, and usually at the most inconvenient of times. The organizational cost may be a significant loss of dollars, due to labor, facility and cash flow not to mention client loyalty.

Omega's solution is simple, we assume the responsibility of monitoring and controlling the inventory of "mission critical" items we provide. Usage is tracked, analyzed and acted upon seamlessly. The result is buffered just in time (J.I.T.) fulfillment while you and your staff go about your daily routine without interruption.

Disaster Recovery - Of course, on occasion a new or anticipated need may arise. In that circumstance Omega also is ready to respond swiftly. For existing "Mission Critical" items a reserve inventory kept by Omega may be drawn upon, client sharing and expedited production may be accessed.

Equipment Maintenance - Building on our commitment to insure our clients smooth operations, we also may provide as needed or annual maintenance plans. Our annual plans actually focus on preventative maintenance.

Focus on Preventative Maintenance

Our annual programs include two preventative maintenance visits per year. The objective is to inspect, clean, adjust and calibrate your equipment. This practice may not only extend the life of your equipment and hopefully prevent down time... at the wrong time, but also keep your equipment performing at a more optimal level when it counts...every day.

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