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Solutions to better Secure Documents

Problem: ITCA provides inspection and testing services that require a detailed reporting of their findings. Unfortunately, ITCA has encountered instances of document fraud related to these reports having been modified and/or falsified. This document security vulnerability has led to report integrity and liability concerns that have adversely impacted ITCA business activities and relationships.

Omega's Objective:  To improve the integrity of your document by protecting against various forms of alterations and fraud.

  • Add substantial difficulty against fraud on many levels.

  • Provide a means of verifying authenticity.

  • Portray an attractive and official appearance.

  • Maintain cost effectiveness.

Recommendation: We would recommend utilizing several overt and covert layered document security technologies. Layering in this fashion will in effect provide a heightened degree of difficulty in optical and traditional printed duplication, alteration and unique methods for verifying document authenticity.

Document Features:

Examples of Overt Security features    

Unique Fourdrinier True Watermark Paper
Available only from our factory, a unique watermark allows you to quickly verify if paper is from your stock

TamperSafe "Security Hologram With 4th Dimension"
Manufacturered at our factory and integrated as part of the document with a personalization, this feature may not be photocopied or scanned. This feature is inkjet safe and laser safe on printers with a minimum speed of 15 pages per minute.

TouchSafe "Heat Reactive Verification Seal"
Touch or breathe on a fingerprint area and a "valid" message will verify authenticity.

Warning Statements
Informs those viewing the document to identify certain integrated document features to verify authenticity.

Examples of Covert Security features    

Split Fountain Printing (colored Inks)
The use of colored inks raises the level of photocopy difficulty, as a colored copier would be necessary. The use of two (2) inks at offers even greater difficulty when the inks are blended and stretch a copiers ability if at opposite ends of the color band.

NaNo-Copy Screen Background
This background offers protection via a NaNo encrypted algorithm. This encrypted technology is designed to create a voided copy when scanned or photocopied.

Microline Printing
A very small typeface has been used in place of a solid rule signature line. This feature will provide original document authentication while being un-reproducible via scanner or photocopier. The line usually portrays the company name continuously and may be easily viewed when magnified. Provides excellent original document authenticity.

Safety Paper
A true watermark paper is considered one of the highest levels of document security available.

A preprinted serialized number used for inventory and audit control purposes.

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