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 to replace POSTNET barcodes.

JANUARY 28, 2013 - The USPS requires Mailers be compliant with Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) rules for barcoded outgoing mail and Business & Courtesy Reply mail piece contents or risk forfeiting automated postage discounts.

The USPS will continue to process reply pieces for delivery that contain either the IMB or POSTNET barcodes.

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) should be used now for all new or reprinted items.

A Sample of the new barcode is shown at the top of this page. A component of the code is a Mailer ID number (MID). Whether you are wanting to establish a new permit, or migrate your existing, having a Mailer ID Number (MID) is a requirement of the process.

To obtain a MID each mailer (company) is encouraged to access the USPS Business Customer Gateway and apply for their MID at: https://gateway.usps.com/bcg/login.htm

Scroll down or Click here if you wish to learn the steps required to request a MID         (Click here for a printable PDF)

Notify The USPS when you obtain your MID, and they will gladly generate a new BRM layout for you.

Contact Omega if you'd like to further discuss.

An Intelligent Mail Bar Code Overview and Customer Services/Benefits are at THIS link:

USPS Business Customers Gateway: https://gateway.usps.com/bcg/login.htm


USPS Business Customer Gateway - Steps for Customers to Acquire a Mailer ID

1. Go to USPS.COM. The link to the Business Customer Gateway is in the lower right corner.  This link will take you to    the Log-In page.
2. A current user may “Sign In” with an existing Username and Password.  New users should click “Sign Up.”
3. On the “New User” “Sign Up” screen, create a Username and Password.  Then click “Continue.”
4. On the “Profile Account Type” screen, select “Business.” (“Personal” will send you back to USPS.COM.)  Then click “Continue.”
5. Create your Business Profile. Red asterisks indicate required information.  Then click “Continue.”
6. Verify your Company Account Information on the Company Profile Summary.  Then click “Edit” or “Continue.”
7. Agree to the Privacy Act Statement. Then click “Continue.”
8. On the Select a Business Service screen, select “Mailer ID.” Then click “Continue.”
9. New Users will have to go through the Business Service Administrator (BSA) process,   click “I certify….”, then click ”yes”.
10. On the “Business Service Administrator (Access Granted)” Page, click  “Continue.”
11. “Business Customer Gateway” page opens.   Click “Sign Out” at the top of page.
12. Go to your email and open the email from USPS.  Scroll down to and Click “Sign in and get started link”.
13. At the Business Customer Gateway page, Log-in with user name and password.
14. On the Gateway page, click on Mailer ID under Design and Prepare.
15. On the “Welcome to the Mailer ID System” page, click “Request a MID.
`16. At  “Apply for MID” screen, use drop down arrow and select 9-digit MID, then select   # of MIDs requested (1),  then click Request MIDs. 
17.  At next screen, select “automatically generate this MID” and select “Full/Basic Service”, then click Request MIDs.

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