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Phone Card Ideas from A to Z

Applications are endless with PhoneCards!p10_1.gif (23489 bytes)

Book Release: PhoneCards die-cut into the shape of BookMarks were used to promote the legal thriller, The Tenth Justice in major cities around the country.

Coupon Promotion: A & E perforated half of the GiftCard to create a coupon offering a discount on a subscription.

Data Capture: NationsBank sent a 60-minute PhoneCard to its customers. When they received their mailer, they dialed in and answered six brief questions to access their phone time.

Employee Incentive: Compaq gave their successful "President’s Club" members a basket of rewards including a 30-minute PhoneCard.

Fundraiser: American Trails West, a summer teen tour, developed a way to help young travelers and their parents keep in touch. The graphic PhoneCard made the perfect gift to parents, and continuous recharging made the fundraiser a success.

Gift with Purchase: McRae’s Department Store distributed PhoneCards to each bride-to-be that registered with their bridal department.

Holiday Promtion: During the winter holiday season, Bank of Boston scored and folded the GiftCard to resemble a holiday greeting card.

Increase Brand Awareness: PediaSure developed a graphic PhoneCard KeyChain to distribute at pediatricians’ offices to increase brand recognition.

p10_2.gif (20905 bytes)Job Recruitment: Tandem Computers used a 5-minute PhoneCard when recruiting potential new-hires attending college job fairs.

KeyChain: The Quaker State PhoneCard KeyChain was a great tie-in to the automotive industry.

Loyalty Program: Bank of New Hampshire rewarded new customers with 30 minutes of free phone time as a "thank you" for opening a new account.

Mother’s Day Promotion: Colgate-Palmolive developed a promotion to salute Hispanic mothers on Mother’s Day. The PhoneCards were distributed in grocery stores after the consumer showed proof of purchase of two Colgate-Palmolive products.

p10_3.gif (12236 bytes)New Product Launch: Head USA die-cut a PhoneCard KeyChain to look exactly like its newest ski boot and rewarded new purchasers with free phone time.

On Pack: Fuji attached a Peel-A-Deal PhoneCard to film packages to combine the universal appeal and high-perceived value of a PhoneCard with the proven strength of peel-off coupons.

PhoneCards are the perfect promotional tool!

Quality Recognition: Employees at Friendly’s Ice Cream chains were rewarded with free phone time for maintaining accident-free work places.

Retail: Natural Wonders found a great way to increase slow summer sales - a Mother’s Day giveaway of free long distance! The store sent a mailer to its entire customer list offering a free "SuperMom" PhoneCard to anyone who brought back the coupon.

Sales Tool: Sales reps at Blue Cross Blue Shield used 10-minute PhoneCards as a way to build relationships with clients.

Tradeshow Giveaway: Arizona Instruments used PhoneCards to entice customers to view a demonstration of their new product at a major industry trade show.p10.gif (10801 bytes)

Universities: Time Warner Cable increased sales among local college students by rewarding students with free PhoneCards when they signed up at events on campus.

Vendor Relationship-Builder: Tropicana gave away colorful PhoneCards to entice store owners to give more shelf space to their product.

WXYZ…We’ll brainstorm more ideas for you - and turn your next promotion into an award-winner!

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