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a few simple things...

Instead of sending hard copy proofs we use digital proofing sent via e-mail. This saves proof material and travel resources.

Omega consciously sources materials from local producers, offering a sustainable printing option in which everything used to create a particular project is produced within 300 miles of your location.


GREEN Ideas for Your Business Print

  1. One of  single largest green initiative your business should focus on is to reduce obsolescence... And it's very easy with POD 'Print on Demand" printing.
    Obsolescence is the single largest waste factor with printed products. POD allows customers to order exactly what they need, when they need it and to ship it directly to where they need it. POD also eliminates storage costs including climate control, inventory investment, re-handling pick and pack including vehicles and reshipping. POD = GREEN

  2. Eco-friendly printing package that involves professional design review aimed at eliminating inefficient formatting. Use a wider variety of sizing options for customers who want to save paper.

  3. Consider the waste reduced by keeping your database up to date. According to Experion, 20% of the addresses in the list of an average business is out of date wasting printing, postage, and utilized resources.

  4. How about moving to personalized booklets and fulfillment kits? If you normally send out a 64-page, undifferentiated booklet and switch to a 16-page, personalized brochure, you've just reduced your carbon footprint by 75%.

  5. How about targeting your lists so that instead of sending out to everyone, you send only to the appropriate segment of your list at anygiven time?

Eco-friendly Corporate Gifts

Eco-friendly corporate gifts and environmentally safe promotional items may be made from post-industrial plastic, corn plastic, recycled, organic, biodegradable, and other earth-friendly materials.

Here are just some of many examples of GREEN products now available:

Made from natural fibers: Organic t-shirts, tote bags, and hats

Recycled plastic soda bottles: Recycled key rings and lanyards are made from

Post-industrial and post-consumer materials: Recycled pens, pencils, and mugs

Solar-powered accessories: Pen lights and calculators

Corn-based plastic and other petroleum alternatives: Pens and coffee mugs


Solar Lights for Green Promotions
The energy-efficient solar lights from Magna-Tel, a promotional products company, are ideal for a company's green promotion campaign or for customers looking for green products. The solar panels on top of the sphere charge by day and turn on automatically at night. The lights don't require any wiring. Each sphere has a manual switch at the bottom. The spheres float in pools and can be hung. The lights contain rechargeable AA batteries to store solar power.

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Organic Apparel Line
A leading apparel company has expanded its product line to include organic products. This organic line uses certified organic cotton grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and is targeted to the adult and youth retail markets. The line offers eight color options made with organic dyes that are biodegradable and eco-friendly.

It's Safe to go Back in the Water!

New Earth Friendly
RegenerateTM Bottle

Made Entirely
From Recycled Plastic



A "breakthrough" in the custom labeled bottled water category is a new line of environmentally friendly Regenerate™ 100% RPET (recycled PET) water bottles. These bottles are made entirely from recycled beverage containers and have a 65% smaller carbon footprint than traditional PET plastic bottles.

Regenerate™ bottles represent a huge step forward in the global effort to protect the environment. Approved by the FDA for direct food contact RPET is completely safe and can be recycled like traditional plastic bottles.

Currently, only about 33% of all plastic beverage containers in the U.S. are recycled. Most of these containers are made from PET, which is the clear plastic polymer used in package and container manufacturing.

There is no change in price for this bottle as compared to the old bottle.

Learn what the

is doing,
and what they believe.

As a condition of membership, AF&PA members must “formally agree” to adhere to the association’s Sustainable Procurement and Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Principles. (How many trade associations do you know do that?)

What are these principles?

  1. To make environmental, health, and safety considerations priorities in operating existing facilities, as well as in the planning of new operations.
  2. To recognize, in developing and designing products to meet customer needs, the environmental, health, and safety effects of product manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal.
  3. To monitor their environmental, health, and safety performance and to report regularly on these matters to their boards of directors, as well as to confirm their adherence to these principles annually to the American Forest and Paper Association.
  4. To train employees in their environmental, health, and safety responsibilities and to promote awareness and accountability on these matters.
  5. To improve environmental, health, and safety performance through support of research and development that advances the frontiers of knowledge.
  6. To communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, the community, public officials, and shareholders to build greater understanding on environmental, health, and safety matters.
  7. To participate constructively in the development of public policies on environmental, health, and safety matters.
  8. To continue to pursue energy conservation, increased energy efficiency, greater utilization of alternatives to fossil fuels, and opportunities for cogeneration of electricity.

Renewable Energy
The forest products industry is the largest producer of renewable biomass energy in the country, generating 77 percent of the nation’s industrial  biomass energy.  Additionally, the renewable energy generated by the forest products industry exceeds all of the nation’s solar, wind and geothermal energy generation combined.  We do this while still adhering to disciplined market-based standards of accountability that ensure that our wood fiber is grown in a sustainable manner.
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Recycling is one of our country’s greatest environmental success stories. As of 2009, we recovered for recycling more than 60 percent of the paper consumed in the U.S. - an average of 325 pounds for each man, woman, and child in America Paper recycling reuses a renewable resource that sequesters carbon and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. AF&PA's goal is to ensure a continuing, expanding domestic recovered fiber supply to help meet global demand.
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